The Vision
Over the past 40 years, the landscape of the mental health profession has undergone dramatic changes. Models of therapy that were once considered mainstream have fallen out of favor and innovative models, once frowned upon, are now part of the established tradition.
Alternative Therapists Network considers all mind/body/spirit interventions equally viable for producing positive change along with more “traditional” forms of psychotherapy. There are myriad narratives for healing and innumerable means of intervention for every life dilemma. We admire and appreciate the originality and creativity of holistic practitioners who are interested as much in the art as the science of well-being. Choosing a helping practitioner should be informed by knowledge regarding the widest range of models and methods available. Now with video service available such as Skype, clients can choose to work with practitioners from around the globe.
For Clients
Whether a client is seeking counseling, yoga, meditation, life coaching, body-work, spiritual counseling, art, dance, music or therapy —or isn’t certain of the best type of support to fit their situation, Alternative Therapists Network offers interactive tools to search by area of expertise and location. ATN gives clients an opportunity to get to know enrolled practitioners, their philosophies, and methods — before contacting them. The one thing clients can be certain of is that all the providers share the belief that problems or symptoms do not necessarily originate in pathology, but rather from our best attempts to solve life’s complex dilemmas.
For Practitioners
There are many tools and venues to advertise, but Alternative Therapists Network offers an opportunity to become part of a community that champions the openness, compassion, and creativity to holistic approaches. And it’s technology makes it easy for potential clients to find you.
Alternative Therapists Network regularly features essays written by members and available to everyone in our Alternative Voices blog. Those clients with healing experiences, similarly have opportunities to tell their stories.
We are a network of practitioners from around the globe who possess the imagination, technology, and skills that bring real creativity and choice to those seeking well-being. We strive to contribute to a new consciousness regarding mental health and health practices and their delivery throughout the world. And you can find business advice and training workshops and conference  around the globe to enhance your current skills.
Join our community. Write an excellent profile, post on our blog, create a video and clients will find you.